Fibra Ltd. Hong Kong

Fibra Ltd. Hong Kong is a textile company with factories in Bangladesh, which specializes in the production of high quality and functional clothing. For our customers we produce sportswear in the segments Running, Biking, Fitness & Wellness as well as Urban Sportswear, Jackets and Underwear.

The organizational structure of our factories and the modern equipment provide an optimal environment to ensure the highest quality throughout the product / life cycle. To ensure that your products are properly produced from the start according to your requirements, we have set up a multidisciplinary product development team. These are experienced and proven professionals in the textile and clothing industry: garment engineers, quality controllers, and merchants and procurers.

Through textile-technically oriented teams, qualitative equipment and high-quality machines, our factories are able to offer a wide range of products (circular knit and woven fabric). For our customers, this means a strategic advantage in procurement and more effective purchasing planning. In addition, we can flexibly realize a wide variety of order quantities. The production lead time is usually 90-120 days.

Through our continuous research & development with our partners in Europe, China, Taiwan and South Korea we see ourselves as one of the most innovative clothing companies.